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"I came to Hannah after emergency back surgery. After a thorough and detailed consultation she showed me pilates rehab exercises suitable for my situation. She was generous with her time and I felt she listened to my concerns, which gave me confidence to start exercising again. A+"

Naomi, Marketing Consultant and Mother

How many appointments will I need ?

Its true to say, in medicine as a whole, that people respond differently from one case to the next, after all we're all unique!

What I can  guarantee is 100% first class intentions & attention through my professionalism and commitment to improving your health.

Crucially I 100% guarantee that you will never be booked an appointment that is not entirely needed on clinical grounds. An appointment is always for your benefit, in no circumstances for mine.

"3 is the magic number" as the song goes. In clinical terms, three treatment sessions is enough in almost every case to determine, whether osteopathy will work for you. That is not to say that three sessions will be enough to get you 100% better, but there should in any case be clear signs that we are on the right track. If after these three sessions, no improvement is noted, then we will discuss either a referral to another health professional or indeed request more information such as MRI scans, blood tests etc.

Will I need to undress ?

 In short no.

 I will never ask you to take off more clothes than you are comfortable with. While some people are perfectly happy in their sensible underwear others would much prefer to keep on as much as possible.

You may feel more comfortable in leggings or shorts and a vest top or T-shirt than underwear.  All I ask is that you wear clothing you can comfortably move in and that you discuss any concerns with me.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Lower back pain

Mid back pain

Sacroiliac pain

Neck and Shoulder pain

Sciatic Pain and Sciatica

Head aches

Pain and Stiffness associated with arthritis

Pain Management

Conditions we help:

Pilates can help rehabilitate and prevent Back pain, this is why it goes well with Osteopathy!

  • ​I am a  Fully Certified Instructor with APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute),  a post graduate qualification.
  • In APPI Pilates each exercise has 5 levels of difficulty, so even people who are rehabilitating from surgery, back pain  or injury can be taught at an appropriate level.
  • The higher levels can be very challenging and are suitable for healthy people who want to improve their muscle tone and posture. 
  • At the highest level Pilates is used as part of their training regime by many professional sports people and performers.

Before joining a Pilates Class you may need an assessment to analyse your movement patterns, stronger and weaker muscle groups, and crucially teach you how to engage your deep abdominal or ‘core’

I teaches Pilates in Lewes as one-to-one or in small classes. 

Osteopathy uses a broad range of techniques  from gentle stretches and massage to more robust joint manipulations. I can also use other methods such as Western Acupuncture, Taping and Mindfulness if appropriate. This means I can treat wide range of patients and many different conditions can be safely and effectively helped.

A treatment plan will often follow three approaches:

  • Postural and Movement analysis to identify compensation patterns that may have developed as a result of the problem or have led to it developing.
  • ‘Hands on’ treatment to reduce pain and restore normal movement.
  • An individualised exercise program to strengthen the injured area and help resolve bad habits which could delay your problem resolving.


I am one of those really fortunate people who loves my profession, treating patients and helping them move away from pain and into health must be one of the most satisfying and rewarding jobs. Because enjoy it so much I keep adding to my skills so I have many qualifications!

  • I am registered with The General Osteopathic Council.
  • I am a member of The Institute of Osteopathy, 
  • I graduated from The College of Osteopaths in 2007.
  • I am experienced,  I have worked in Osteopathic clinics in Haywards Heath, Brighton and Lewes. 
  • My first degree was Medical Biochemistry.
  • I regularly attend local meeting of the National Council for Osteopathic Research and prides myself on staying up to date with relevant medical and osteopathic  research. 
  •  I am a Certified Pilates instructor with the APPI.
  • I am also a qualified Exercise Instructor and Massage Therapist.
  • I use Mindfulness methods with Osteopathy to help with pain.

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